water quality

Dirickson Creek Faces Significant Pollution / Bacteria Issues

Over the summer, the Center celebrated the release of the Dirickson Creek Report at an event held at Mulberry Landing on Dirickson Creek, which is the largest tributary of Little Assawoman Bay. The event was attended by Senator Tom Carper and members of the Dirickson Creek Team. The Team is a group of local citizens […]

Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere!

With all eyes on Rio during these summer Olympics, it’s difficult to ignore the shocking images of debris clogging the city’s bay. While our own bays may not be overwhelmed with trash, that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Marine debris, particularly of the plastic variety, is a problem in the Inland Bays. This past […]

Widgeon Grass in the South Bethany Canals

Recently, a friend and I took a morning paddle from his house located in South Bethany out to the Little Assawoman Bay. We’ve been doing this together since we were kids and these trips were my first introduction to Delaware’s Inland Bays. Today, these trips are a way keep an eye on how they are changing. As […]