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Winter Decisions Affect Us in Spring

By Angela Trenkle As winter snows turn to spring showers, one can’t help but wonder what all that water is washing into our waterways. In winter it’s a common sight to see the roads covered with salt in anticipation of ice and snow. At a glance, this is something to be thankful for: it allows […]

A Volunteer’s Perspective: A New Adventure with Every Sign-Up

By John Hanson Excited and equipped with my survey sheets, binoculars, and a pair of water boots, I was ready to venture out to the Diamondback Terrapin Survey sites I had volunteered for. It would be my first time surveying, on Tuesday, May 25, at 2 p.m., but the weather had different plans. The sky […]

How Ospreys and Volunteerism Gave One Local Photographer a New Perspective

By Kevin Lynam, Center Volunteer This was my first year ever volunteering for the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays’ citizen science surveys, and I feel blessed to have had a chance to experience wildlife and our local osprey population through this experience, which for me, was incredibly moving and fascinating. Over the last few […]

Finding Backyard Bliss During the Pandemic

By Dr. Marianne Walch In March 2020, the Center’s office was closed due to the pandemic, and telework and Zoom meetings became the work life of our staff. I particularly missed my office window’s daily view of the Indian River Inlet and Delaware Seashore State Park beaches. Then I realized I had a different way […]

Connecting with Nature is Priceless at the James Farm Ecological Preserve

By Maddy Goss, Communications Specialist One of the very first stories Jared Ryan, the Center’s environmental educator, tells during public programs at the James Farm Ecological Preserve is that of Mary Lighthipe. She always dreamed the 150-acre Preserve she gifted to Sussex County would become an oasis, a haven for environmental education, and a place […]

Making the Most of Your Piece of Inland Bays Paradise

By Liz Nalle, Center Volunteer and Inland Bays Garden Center Staff Member We share our piece of paradise here in Dewey Beach with a variety of creatures, and one in particular is enchanting. We see it going about its business, heading across the driveway, involved in something, likely looking for food. It’s a box turtle, […]

A Remarkable Journey: The Spring Rite of American Eels

By Zachary Garmoe, Science Technician at the Center for the Inland Bays Andrew McGowan, the Center’s Environmental Scientist, and I crouched on a slip of land nestled between a pond and a roadway one chilly February morning, our backs feeling the cold breeze made by cars rushing by on their way to work or school […]

A Man’s Best Friend: Lifelong Memories are Made at the Preserve

By Bob Collins, Program Manager at the Center for the Inland Bays For the 22 years (plus or minus) that I’ve been visiting the Preserve, I’ve noted that Wilma Rudolf Tucker was “a Damn Good Dog.” A sign at the Pasture Point beach area told me so. Wilma, it turns out, was a Cairn Terrier […]

Embracing the Bays as a Winter Wonderland

By Maddy Goss, Communications Specialist On an otherwise normal Wednesday morning, I got an exciting phone call. The Center’s Environmental Scientist, Andrew McGowan, was heading out of the Indian River Marina and had spotted a seal. He tried quieting the boat’s engine to avoid disturbing it, offering me some hope that if I moved quickly, […]