Employment & Opportunities

Shellfish Project Specialist
This is a part-time, grant-funded position co-managed by the Center for the Inland Bays and Delaware Delicious Oysters, an aquaculture farm. The Shellfish Project Specialist will conduct oyster aquaculture, oyster reef construction, shell collection operations, presentation to the Center’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, informal education programs, and serve as a representative of the Center to the Aquaculture industry. Full position description.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Center for the Inland Bays (Center) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation or gender in administration of its programs or activities, and, the Center does not intimidate or retaliate against any individual or group because they have exercised their rights to participate in actions protected, or oppose action prohibited, by 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7, or for the purpose of interfering with such rights.

Anna Fagan, Deputy Director, is responsible for the coordination of compliance efforts and receipt of inquiries concerning non-discrimination requirements implemented by 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7 (Non-discrimination in Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency), including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 13 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (hereinafter referred to collectively as the federal non-discrimination laws).

If you have any questions about this notice or any of the Center’s non-discrimination programs, policies or procedures, you may contact:

Anna Fagan, Deputy Director
Center for the Inland Bays
39375 Inlet Road
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
302-226-8105 ext 702


Individuals who believe that the Center has discriminated against someone on the basis of race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), sex, disability or age may file a complaint. Intimidation and retaliation are also prohibited by EPA’s nondiscrimination regulation and claims of intimidation and retaliation will be handled in the same manner as other claims of discrimination. The person or organization filing the complaint need not be a victim of the alleged discrimination but may complain on behalf of another person or group.

Formal complaints may be filed directly with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The following information is from the Filing a Discrimination Complaint page of the EPA website.

What Information Must a Complaint Include?

The complaint must be in writing, clearly identify who the sender is, include his or her signature, and must provide EPA with the sender’s contact information. We also suggest including a phone number and/or an email address for contact.

The complaint should identify the entity which allegedly committed the discrimination. Please note that EPA can only investigate complaints filed against an entity which receives financial assistance from EPA.

The complaint must allege discrimination prohibited by one of the laws EPA enforces. Describe with as much detail as possible why you feel the entity discriminated against you or others on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited-English proficiency); sex; disability; or age; or has engaged in intimidation or retaliation prohibited by EPA’s nondiscrimination regulation.

The complaint must be filed within 180 calendar days of the date of the last act of alleged discrimination. EPA may consider extending the 180-day time-frame for filing, for good cause shown, under certain circumstances.

For additional information regarding complaint processing procedures, please see the EPA Case Resolution Manual.

Where Do I Send My Complaint?

Mail information to:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of External Civil Rights
Mail code 2310A
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20460

Email information to: Title_VI_Complaints@epa.gov

Fax information to: (202) 564-3316