james farm

Early Spring Sightings at James Farm

With the weather finally on the warmer side, plant and animal activity at James Farm Ecological Preserve awakens! Observant visitors will notice the spots of blue-purple in the brown mowed grasses of our meadows. This is the grape hyacinth, often cultivated in our gardens and lawns. Thousands of these single stalked flowers are scatted throughout […]

Birding the James Farm: Check it off your list!

On a cool, drizzly, late May morning, my colleague Katie Goerger and I set out from the parking area at the James Farm Ecological Preserve, binoculars in hand. Our mission – to complete an eBird checklist for the Farm. Marginal weather, combined with insufficient coffee, meant we got started on our walk a bit later […]

Reconnecting with the Natural World

“All education is environmental education. By what is included or excluded we teach students that they are a part of or apart from the natural world,” notes author and environmentalist David W. Orr in Earth in Mind. While modern distractions such as smartphones and tablets increasingly disconnect us from the world around us, the Center’s […]

Preserving the Wild: The James Farm Master Plan (Phase 1 Update)

Though many visitors to the James Farm Ecological Preserve may not realize this, this little slice of natural heaven is owned by Sussex County and managed and maintained by the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays. This project fit perfectly into our mission: “to preserve, protect and restore Delaware’s Inland Bays, the water that flows […]