Spring’s Arrival Sparks the Beginning of Citizen Science Surveys!

by: Angela Trenkle (CIB Volunteer) Each year in the Inland Bays watershed, as the snow melts and the temperatures begin to turn warm, CIB volunteers begin their preparations for two citizen science surveys!   The Center’s Inshore Fish Survey tracks changes in the fish community with data spanning back seven years. Taking place between April and October, fish are collected […]

Get Triggered!

“Does anyone know what this fish is,” was a common post on a favorite bay-related Facebook page of mine this summer.  Accompanying were photos of a vertically-flat fish with a big head tapered down to a small mouth with sharp plate-like teeth. They were grey in color and sported two spines on their dorsal fin. […]

Center for the Inland Bays Seeks Volunteers for Annual Fish Survey

The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) seeks volunteers to assist with the 2017 Inshore Fish Monitoring Program. This all-volunteer effort is studying the fish population of the Inland Bays at sixteen sites around the three Inland Bays and their tributaries. An orientation program will be held on Thursday, March 30 at 5 pm at […]

Boots In the Water: My First Seining Experience

Recently, Bayside Fenwick Island held it’s second annual ‘Links to the Bay 5k’, an excellent 5k event benefitting us here at the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays. As the new Development Coordinator for the CIB, I was originally going to assist other coworkers and volunteers with a living shoreline display…     Then, one […]

Taking Stock: Why Our Volunteers Count Fish!

The CIB’s Inshore Fish Seining Program is just preparing to wrap up for the season. An almost entirely volunteer-based effort, this project gathers data on the fish species found in the shallow shore-zone areas of the Inland Bays. Every year from April to October, these volunteers hop into the waist-deep bay waters and drag a […]

3 Unexpected Fish Species Found in the Inland Bays

Mummichogs, horseshoe crabs, and shrimp galore! Seining in the Inland Bays can turn up a number of common species that call our estuary home. But what about the surprise species – the one’s you don’t always expect? Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting fish scooped up by our Inshore Fish Survey teams this summer! […]