January 15, 2021

Agenda Presentations Environmental Monitoring Plan for Delaware’s Inland Bays Environmental Monitoring Plan Appendix Resilience of coastal ecosystems, a tale of organisms and sediment – Dr. Christian Schwarz, University of Delaware Population Dynamics of Common Forage Fish Species in the Delaware Inland Bays – Andrew McGowan, Center for the Inland Bays State of the Bays 2021 Indicators – Dr. Marianne Walch, Center […]

April 23, 2021

Agenda Meeting Notes Presentations Investigating the Impacts of Global Environmental Changes on Legacy & Emerging Contaminants – Mi-Ling Li, University of Delaware Wastewater Planning – Michelle Schmidt, Center for the Inland Bays Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Network for the Inland Bays – Marianne Walch and Andrew McGowan, Center for the Inland Bays

July 30, 2021

Agenda Meeting Notes Presentations DNREC’s Process to Develop the 303d/305b Report – Dave Wolanski, DNREC Overview of the Integrated Report Process – Bill Richardson, EPA Region 3 Microplastics Research in Delaware Bay/Inland Bays – Jonathan Cohen and Taylor Hoffman, University of Delaware Developing a Preliminary Conceptual Ecological Risk Assessment and Science Strategy for Microplastics in the Potomac River – Kelly Somers, EPA

October 29, 2021

Agenda Meeting Notes Presentations Wastewater subcommittee update – Aviah Stillman and Michelle Scmidt, CIB Continuous water quality monitoring data analysis methodologies – Andrew McGowan, CIB State of the Bays Report update – Marianne Walch, CIB State of the Bays Report, Watershed Condition Indicators Preview – Andrew Homsey, Univ. of DE Tracing the sources of phosphorus along the salinity gradient in Love Creek […]