July 28, 2017

Meeting Agenda Meeting Notes Inland Bays Environmental Monitoring Plan (Draft)  Wetland Restoration in the Great Cypress Swamp – Presentation by Delaware Wild Lands Emerged: Contaminants of Environmental Concern – Presentation  IB Environmental Monitoring Plan – Presentation by Dr. Marianne Walch Horseshoe Crab movements in the Delaware Inland Bays – Presentation by Andrew McGowan  Eastern Oyster […]

September 8, 2017

Meeting Agenda The Effects of Irrigation on Nitrate Transport to Groundwater – USGS Long-Term Salt Marsh Monitoring in the Inland Bays – Andrew McGowan Application of Biochar to Soils and Bioretention Media to Reduce Stormwater Volume and Nutrient Concentrations – Paul T. Imhoff

December 1, 2017

Agenda Meeting Notes Hydroacoustic Monitoring of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Delaware Estuary – Kristin Regan & Kelly Somers, EPA Region 3 Developing Evidence-Based Educational Programs to Improve Homeowner Behavior to Protect the Inland Bays – Kent D. Messer, UD