September 15, 2006 Presentations

IGCC Development In Delaware Coal Without Compromise Air Emissions Permitting Considerations for an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Unit Potentially Located in the State of Delaware — Robert Clausen, DNREC – AWMS Inland Bays Pollution Control Strategy, Draft 3: Revisions Made and the Path Forward, 8/30/06 — Kathy Bunting-Howarth, DNREC – DWR Analysis of the Revisions to […]

June 2006 Presentations

Water Quality Status and Trends for the Inland Bays — Dave Wolanski, DNREC Description of the nature of Citizen Monitoring Program water quality data and preliminary trends 1996 – 2005 — Ed Whereat, IBCMP Status and trend analysis in the Maryland water quality monitoring program — Matt Hall & Cathy Wazniak, MDDNR Fiscal Year 2007 grant funded CCMP […]

April 2006 Presentations

Delaware Aerial Infrared Deer Population Survey (Preliminary Report) Ken Reynolds, DNREC Brown Tide (Aureococcus anophagefferens) in Delawares Inland Bays 1998 – 2005 — Edyth Humphries, DNREC

January 13, 2006 Presentations

Growth responses of fish to hypoxia in estuarine nursery habitat: results from the lab and Pepper Creek — Tim Targett & Kevin Stierhoff – UDCMS A How To Guide: for Estuary-Dependent Fish Avoiding Hypoxia in Delawares Inland Bays — Damian Brady & Tim Targett UDCMS Rehoboth Beach Effluent Disposal Study: Evaluation of Wastewater Discharge Alternatives — Rip Copithorn […]