Don’t Chuck Your Shucks

December 2024

Since 2014, the “Don’t Chuck Your Shucks” shells recycling program has collected
shell from local restaurants for use in projects that directly benefit our Inland Bays.

When you visit a participating restaurant, the spent shells (shucks) from your plate will be separated from the waste stream and put into special bins. After “curing” in the sun for a minimum of six months, the shell is used in local habitat restoration projects such as Living Shorelines and Oyster Gardening.

Why use oyster and clam shells? It’s simple. These are the best material on which to start growing “spat” (juvenile oysters), and they can provide habitat for communities of grass shrimp and worms which then support populations of commercially-valuable crabs and fish in our Bays – YUM!

Put Your “Shucks” to Work at these Participating Restaurants:

To become a participating business, contact Shellfish Project Specialist, Jack Gazda, at or call (302) 226-8105.