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Using 3D Printing to Save Our Coasts

If I had asked you 10 years ago if you knew anyone who had a 3D printer, you probably would have said no. Many of you may not have even known what 3D printing was — I know I didn’t! But when I talk to people now about 3D printing, most are familiar with the […]

3 (Super Simple) Ways to Prevent Trash Pollution!

Trash in our Inland Bays is SO much more than just an eyesore. It can be harmful to the health and safety of visitors and marine life. Each year, the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays hosts a cleanup — and it’s always a hit! In fact, this past June saw 54 energetic volunteers who […]

Why I Chose “Here”

My first conversations with people often go something like this: “So where are you from?” Me: “New York.” “WHAT?!? Why are you here??” First, I am not sure how people peg me as a “come here” so quickly, and second I always quickly clarify that I mean NY state, not the City. I’ve only been […]

Experience the Bays Budding with Life!

Spring is finally in the air…along with the pollen, but that’s another story. It’s the time of year we dust off our paddles, seat backs, and boards and head back to the water! Ecobay kayak & stand up paddle is embarking on our fourteenth year offering educational based tours departing from the James Farm Ecological […]

Early Spring Sightings at James Farm

With the weather finally on the warmer side, plant and animal activity at James Farm Ecological Preserve awakens! Observant visitors will notice the spots of blue-purple in the brown mowed grasses of our meadows. This is the grape hyacinth, often cultivated in our gardens and lawns. Thousands of these single stalked flowers are scatted throughout […]

3 Things Volunteering Taught Me

As a kid, I remember volunteering with my parents. From time to time, we would hop in the car on a Saturday and head out to plant a tree along a new highway, take our puppy (and myself as a cute little kid) to visit the residents of a local nursing home, or even run […]

Spring’s Arrival Sparks the Beginning of Citizen Science Surveys!

by: Angela Trenkle (CIB Volunteer) Each year in the Inland Bays watershed, as the snow melts and the temperatures begin to turn warm, CIB volunteers begin their preparations for two citizen science surveys!   The Center’s Inshore Fish Survey tracks changes in the fish community with data spanning back seven years. Taking place between April and October, fish are collected […]

A Dog-gone Shame

As of March 1st, both United and Delta Airlines placed additional restrictions on emotional support animals and (as I understand) now require more documentation for service animals to board their flights. Anyone who has paid attention to the news reports of pet owners testing the bounds of their “animal-freedoms” likely understands. As a dog-owned human, […]

Nor’easter vs. Coastal Delaware

When Delawareans think of catastrophic local storm events, they often come back to the infamous “Storm of ‘62” / “Ash Wednesday Storm”— a level 5 nor’easter that occurred in the Mid-Atlantic region from March 6 – 8, 1962. During its wrath, waves battered Delaware’s shores, destroying homes, boardwalks, and roadways in an impressive show of […]

We LOVE the Inland Bays!

February 14th is a time to celebrate love. It’s a mushy subject, yes, but it’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement of Valentine’s Day. Here at the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, however, we’re doing things a bit differently. Here, our the Inland Bays are our BAE*….get it? So without further […]