a woman wearing a green hat and glasses

Meghan Noe Fellows

Director, Estuary Science and Restoration


(302) 226-8105

Meghan Noe Fellows is the Center’s Director of Estuary Science and Restoration. In this position, she leads the Center’s research, monitoring, and ecosystem restoration efforts. Meghan brings over 20 years of environmental project management experience in academic, non-profit, and local government positions to the Center. Before joining the Center in 2022, she managed stream and forest restoration and riparian corridor planning, implementation and monitoring for the Fairfax County, Virginia, Department of Public Works. She also has an ongoing small research program on a southern California salt marsh endemic plant. Prior to that, Meghan held positions with the local government’s natural resource management programs in Maryland and Virginia, leading programs in resource management, invasive species, reforestation, community science, strategic planning and program development.

Meghan has moved around before moving to Delaware, from upstate New York, to California, Maryland, Florida, and most recently, Virginia. She earned a B.S. in biology with marine science from Cornell University and Master’s in biology with restoration ecology from San Diego State University. Meghan became Virginia’s first Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP), from the Society for Ecological Restoration in 2018. Meghan enjoys experiencing the estuary and salt marshes above the mean high water line, especially at the wrack line, which collects so many interesting things.
Outside of her Center job, Meghan enjoys spending time with her family, pets, native plant gardening, reading, hiking, and kayaking.