Resource Library for Young Learners

Resource Library for Young Learners

Looking for engaging, environmental education resources focused on environmental science, estuaries, and watersheds for young learners at home or in school? Look no further! Below is a detailed list of resource portals (containing an array of lessons and materials), games and activities, books, videos, and more provided by diverse organizations!

Education Resource Portals

Hands-On Activities

Become a “Watershed Sleuth!”

The EPA and the National Environmental Education Foundation have an excellent resource for students to learn how to help solve water quality problems: by becoming a Watershed Sleuth!

Students and citizen scientists can build their own aquifers and take an online interactive quiz to find local water wasters. Earn a different digital badge for each lesson completed and show off your watershed knowledge! Click here to get started!

Additional Activities:

Grab a Book!

These books were hand-picked by Center staff for their entertaining (and educational — shh!) value. So grab a book and read it aloud. The adults may learn something new, too!

Crab Moon

by Ruth Horwitz


Red Knot: A Shorebird’s Incredible Journey

by Nancy Carol Wilis


Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds:  The Story of a Foodweb 

by Victoria Cresson and Annie Cannon


A Journey into an Estuary

by Rebecca L. Johnson