Farewell, Sally


After twelve years, Sally Boswell, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the CIB, has resigned from her position and will be pursuing new opportunities.

2014 Native Plant Sale 3 May 2014 DHB 0112Sally began her work with the CIB in the fall of 2004 as an instructor for the CIB’s James Farm Middle School Education program after teaching the previous school year at the partner program at Ingram Pond Outdoor Education Center, run by Indian River School District. While teaching at James Farm, she was invited to apply for the Education and Outreach Coordinator position. Sally initially worked under contract for the CIB – joining the staff full-time in January 2005.

“When I accepted this position twelve years ago this month, it was not just a job, but became the defining relationship I had with my new home in coastal Delaware–where I could bring my skills and experience and my lifelong passion for the environment together for a purpose I believed in. I have loved this work and I am proud of my contributions and for the relationships I have formed for the Bays.” 

Sally’s achievements really speak for themselves. Months after her arrival, she held the first Gardening for the Bays Native Plant Sale, creating what has blossomed into an exciting annual event that brings together the CIB, local garden centers, and members of the community – for the Bays.

“It has been a joy to work with Sally.” said Pat Drizd, the CIB’s Volunteer Coordinator and Sally’s first hire back in 2005. “Together we’ve created a high-quality education program at the James Farm, built up the Center’s Volunteers for the Bays program, and really grown the Native Plant Sale into something that the community looks forward to every year.”  

Sally also established many of the CIB’s outreach programs, including 1000 Rain Gardens for the Bays, the Schoolyard Habitat partnership with Indian River School District, and, working with our Citizens Advisory Committee, the Your Creek initiative.

Sally has left her mark with the many publications on which she has served as idea-generator, writer, and managing editor. In her first months with the CIB, she re-designed the Inland Bays Journal, developed the case statement for the capital campaign that helped the CIB move to the excellent building we’re in today, and re-developed the website.

2012 James Farm BBQ 29 Sept 2012 DHB 0005IMG_3824


During her time as Education & Outreach Coordinator, Sally has worked on scores of publications and exhibits, including Inland Bays Journals, Annual Reports, State of the Inland Bays Reports, brochures, postcards, fact sheets, and more.

“I will miss my colleagues, our volunteers, our teaching staff at James Farm and the many people I have worked with ‘for the bays,’ but I look forward to crossing paths with many of you on future projects!”