Water Warrior Workshop: What is Environmental Justice and How Can We Support its Cause?

Join the Center and guest speaker Michele Roberts, National Co-Coordinator at the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform (EJHA) and Wilmington, Delaware, native, to explore the key issues related to environmental justice in Delaware and beyond during a virtual webinar.

Ms. Roberts has been working for decades to shed light on environmental justice issues in the First State, and now works on a national level to bring justice to communities overburdened by pollution and overlooked by decision makers through her work with EJHA and her appointment on the White House’s new Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Michele is the co-author of Who’s In Danger: Race, Poverty and Chemical Disasters and Life at the Fenceline: Understanding Cumulative Health Hazards in Environmental Justice Communities, a demographic analysis of vulnerability zones surrounding Risk Management Plan (RMP) facilities. She also co-authored Environmental Justice for Delaware: Mitigating Toxic Pollution in New Castle County Communities.

Ms. Roberts’ discussion on the key components of environmental justice and how people can help support the cause and impacted communities will be followed by a live question and answer session.

Join us for this FREE virtual event on Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81457681342.