Pollinator Pandemonium


Join the Center & the Inland Bays Garden Center for the first day of our Biodiversity Cycle to learn all about pollinators!

Focusing on bees, butterflies and birds, participants will examine special aspects of these creatures’ anatomies and life cycles, identify their needs for species survival, and engage in an interactive experience, which highlights how these tiny organisms play a critical role in helping our plants grow. Participants will get an opportunity to explore the garden, and learn about pollinators through different hands-on activities. The program will also include a take-home project to help people bring their new knowledge & skills back to their own gardens!

Please note: These programs are fun for all-ages and are designed for parents & grandparents to learn alongside their children. A parent or guardian must remain with their children throughout the program.

The suggested donation for this event is $20 per group. All proceeds benefit the Delaware Center of the Inland Bays. Register HERE

Questions? Please contact Jackie Knoll, Environmental Education Manager, at jknoll@inlandbays.org


Inland Bays Garden Center
38320 Muddy Neck Road
Frankford, DE 19945

Inland Bays Garden Center