November 16, 2007 Presentations

Sediment Management Strategy for Rehoboth Bay — Moffatt & Nichol Assessing the Impact of Sudden Wetland Dieback On Tidal Wetland Condition — Andy Howard, DNREC Condition of Wetlands in the Inland Bays Watershed — Amy Jacobs, DNREC Dinos, Toxins, and Fears Oh My! Karenia Presentation — Ed Whereat, UDCMP

July 27, 2007 Presentations

Pasture Point Restoration Project — Evelyn Maurmeyer, C & ER Inc. Considerations for Pasture Point — Joanne Haughey, DNREC Nutrient Load Assessment Protocol — Lyle Jones, DNREC Estimating the Delaware Inland Bays Watershed Seasonal Population Seasonal Population Using Wastewater Flows — Brittany Kiessling, CIB

May 15, 2007 Presentations

Recreational Fishing Indicator — John Clark, DNREC Delawares Inland Bays Seagrass Reestablishment Project & SAV as an Environmental Indicator — Ben Anderson, DNREC Development of a Seagrass Goal in Marylands Coastal Bays — Cathy Wazniak, MCBP Development of a SAV Tissue Culture Protocol for Restoration of Marine Habitats Kayti Tigani — UDCMES

March 9, 2007 Presentations

Watersheds and Population Growth Indicator — Edythe Humphries, DNREC Delawares hard clam resource: What we know and what we need to know — Jeff Tinsman, DNREC Habitat Restoration and Protection through GPRA As an indicator?… Eric Buehl, CIB Nutrient Management Indicator (presentation to be posted soon) Steve Hollenbeck, DNMC Environmental Indicators for On-Site Wastewater in the Inland Bays and […]

January 19, 2007 Presentations

Reflections on Constructing an Indicator Framework — Denise Wardrop, Penn State Development of a Juvenile Fish Index — Tim Targett and Mike Rhode, UDCMES Inland Bays Watershed Population Indicator Report — Edythe Humphries, DNREC Bringing the Benefits of Offshore Windpower to Delaware — Rob Propes, Bluewater Wind

October 27, 2007 STAC Presentations

Uncertain Threats to Saltmarshes of the Delaware Inland Bays — Chris Bason, CIB A New, Potentially Harmful, Algal Bloom Species in the Inland Bays — Elif Demir, UDCMES, This presentation may be posted following Elif’s publication of her work submitted to Journal of Phycology. For now please read Dr. Hutchin’s final report to the CIB on the subject.